Speakers in the 1950s

St Andrews Business Club was founded in 1950. Here’s a few of the speakers from around Scotland and Fife.

Mr PatersonPresident Dundee Business Club
“Functions of a Business Club”
27 March 1950
Mr W A NicholsonSecretary Scottish Tourist Board
“Functions of Tourist Board”
24 April 1950
Mr Maurice E TaylorFife County Planning Officer
“Town & County Planning Act”
27 September 1950
Prof T M KnoxSt Andrews University
“The Place & Development of the University in St Andrews”
30 October 1950
Dr Stuart MacIntoshDirector of Education for Fife
27 November 1950
Mr J R InchChief Constable of Fife
“Juvenile Delinquency”
29 January 1951
Mr A V ColeSt Andrews University
“Britain’s Economic Problems”
26 February 1951
Mr G W YuleH M Inspector of Taxes
“Income Tax”
26 March 1951
Mr W G Leburn“Shuttle making”24 April 1951
Dr Matthew FyfeMedical Officer of Health, Fife
“Food Hygiene”
24 September 1951
Mr R F BuickBurgh Engineer
“Development Plan for St Andrews”
7 November 1951
Prof J H BaxterSt Andrews University
“Persia ? Oil”
26 November 1951
Mr F LeemingGeography Department
“China, 18th & 19th Centuries”
28 January 1952
Det. Super Geo MacLeanFingerprint Bureau Glasgow C.I.D
“? Its Detection”
25 February 1952
Mr C.H.A. CollynsFife Sub Area SEB Electricity Board
“The Development of Electricity”
31 March 1952
Mr R S JohnstonAdvocate, Edinburgh
“The Jury System in Scotland”
28 April 1952
Mr J Henderson StewartUnder Secretary of State
“Parliamentary Personalities”
24 September 1952
Mr J B Gordon StewartLondon-Liverpool Globe Insurance
“Pension Schemes for Private Firms”
29 October 1952
Mr Richard LemonSecretary, Royal Highland Agricultural Show
“The Highland Show”
26 November 1952
Mr James AdamsonPhysics Lecturer, St Andrews University
“Seeing is not always believing”
10 December 1952
Mr ReidIndustrial Consultant
“Productivity in Industry”
28 January 1953
Mr Ralph HarrisEconomics Lecturer St Andrews University
“The Human Factor in Industry”
25 February 1953
Mr S L McKinlayGolf Journalist
“30 years of Golf”
25 March 1953
Mr James Y Macarthur3 Colour Films of
“Holiday in America”
28 September 1953
Rev W E PhippsAmerican Clergyman
“The East Coast Slides”
26 October 1953
Mr Peter ThomsonBBC Sports Commentator30 November 1953
Mr A D TaylorGuardbridge Paper Company
14 December 1953
Dr MoodieEye Specialist
“The eye and its diseases”
25 January 1954
Sheriff Campbell Ross“Service in Colonial Legal Service”1 March 1954
Mr Matthew PollockCounty Clerk, Fife
“The Workings of a County Council”
29 March 1954
Mr Peter ThomsonOpen Champion
“My Career in Golf”
27 September 1954
Mr James A.Y. ConchieBurgh Chamberlain
“The Finances of Small Burghs”
25 October 1954
Prof. J W Nisbet“The Economic Implications of Bureaucracy”29 November 1954
Mr Alexander R Keith“The Aberdeen Angus”13 December 1954
Mr McCallumCounty Surveyor
“History of Roads”
31 January 1955
Mr Peter Wylie“British Greenland Expedition”28 March 1955
Brigadier Bernard Ferguson“Guerrilla Warfare”26 September 1955
Miss E M Wanliss“Personnel Management”31 October 1955
Mr J D Hislop“Voice of Kenya”28 November 1955
Mr Wm Lohoar“My Travels in New England and Australia”19 December 1955
Mr J K Robertson“A Forgotten Hero of St Andrews”30 January 1956

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