Acorn Business Bootcamp In St Andrews

Are You Thinking About Starting Your Own Business?

If you are, then the one day Acorn Business Bootcamp is for you!

It’s on Saturday, 11 April 2015 from 10:00 to 16:00

The event, run in conjunction with the University of St Andrews, is designed for both students and the wider business community.

For University of St Andrews students, the theme of this event is to give you a flavour of what running a small business is really like and to encourage you to consider launching your own start-up!

For existing business owners, you will hear the story of other business owners and how they overcome various challenges on their entrepreneurial journey!

We have 3 awesome speakers at this Bootcamp for you:

* Byam Trotter – owner of Trotter’s Independent Condiments: started making chutney in his parents’ kitchen as a hobby when he couldn’t find a job after he graduated.

He started selling it to his neighbours and at the local Fife Farmers’ Market. Now 5 years in, Byam has his own kitchen, a growing team and is stocked by House of Bruar, among other prestigious outlets!

* Chris Marr – owner of Learning Everyday: is a University of St Andrews Alumnus.

Chris is on a mission to change the way that businesses communicate and engage with their audience forever, and help business owners become better marketers of what they do. He will share his amazing story and some advice on personal branding regarding what students and business owners should be doing now to ensure they stand out.

* Jen Munro – owner of ISSOS: is our keynote speaker and is also a former Univeristy of St Andrews Student.

Jen is a well-respected Scottish entrepreneur and for the past 9 years, her business, ISSOS, has provided exclusive, well balanced summer programs, catering to 13-18 year old’s from over 64 nationalities. With two locations; St Andrews University and Cambridge University, ISSOS offers students a summer experience like no other.

Jen is also a Board member of the Entrepreneurial Exchange (now Entrepreneurial Scotland) and has, among other things, delivered a TEDx talk in Indianapolis!

Lunch is also included so make sure you book your ticket for this AWESOME event now!

The Bootcamp is free for students and £10 for business owners.

Reserve your tickets on Eventbrite here.

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