December, 2012

David Lorimer

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 12 December 2012 at 7.45 am for 8.00 am at Alexander’s Restaurant, Best Western Scores Hotel, St Andrews.

The cost of the Meeting will be £10.50 per person. As usual any guest who may be thinking of joining the Club will be welcome free of charge.

Our guest speaker will be David Lorimer, who will talk about Andrew Carnegie’s Story: Leadership, Success and Legacy – His Relevance to Management Development Today.

We are all familiar to some extent with the story of Andrew Carnegie, as being a highly successful Scottish-born businessman and as a noted philanthropist. The presentation will focus on the “Laws of Success” which he devised and which set out the key principles behind his achievements. These provide crucial lessons which we can learn and then apply to achieve success both in our professional and business careers.

David is a writer, lecturer and editor who is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network and has been Editor of Network Review for over 25 years ( He is also Chief Executive of Character Education Scotland ( and the originator of the Inspire-Aspire Values Poster Programme, which this year reached over 30,000 young people from more than 200 schools (

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