March, 2013

Tanya Ewing

Our next event will be held on 28 March at the Best Western Scores Hotel, St Andrews, at 5.30pm for 6.00pm and is a joint event of the Institute of Directors (IOD) and the St Andrews Business Club. The cost will be £12 for members and non-members of IOD. Tea/coffee and sandwiches will be provided on arrival.

This will be a presentation by Tanya Ewing, founder of Ewgeco.

Tanya`s story of how she created the product and the company is a fantastic example of showing just what we can each achieve if we put our mind to it.

Tanya was a housewife in Perth thinking about she could reduce the household energy bill by being able to monitor usage in real time, rather than waiting for the quarterly bill.

To her surprise she found that there was no such product available in the market – so she decided to go about making one. It was not easy and like most new businesses it took some time to generate orders.

Word of mouth recommendations helped as businesses and homeowners realised that the capability to monitor usage real time can enable changes in behaviour to be made immediately, producing some substantial savings in usage and cost.

The product enables real time measurement of the consumption of water, gas and electricity, and has variants for both the business and homeowner market.

Significant investment has been made in to the company and it is now a fully fledged operation, growing rapidly as we all feel the effects on increasing utility prices. The examples are eye-opening.

Bookings and payment are to be made via the following link only,

Jim J. Davidson

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 6 March 2013 at 7.45 am for 8.00 am at Alexander’s Restaurant, Best Western Scores Hotel, St Andrews.

The cost of the Meeting will be £10.50 per person.

As usual any guest who may be thinking of joining the Club will be welcome free of charge.

Our guest speaker will be Jim J. Davidson.

While at school Jim invested in his first property and became a property owner and landlord at age 16. He has ever since had a keen interest in property observing the ups and downs of the market for over 40 years.

When Jim left school, after a short time in the hotel industry, he entered the retail industry. After 10 years and three companies later Jim left a senior management position to start his own business. Since then he has become a bit of a serial entrepreneur.

His first business started in 1983 was a pioneer in the Convenience Retailing revolution. It grew from one to five locations by 1991. In 1991 he sold up and moved with his young family to Florida.

While in Florida he owned three businesses and he also continued to invest in property in the US and learnt how to make money in property no matter what the economy was doing.

In 2000 he returned to his native Scotland and entered early retirement.

However soon bored he took on the Master Franchise for Kleenaword, a Dry Cleaning company.

In 2003 Fyneside Developments was started, a Property Development and investment company. Jim uses his skills in Property, Public Speaking,

Leadership and Coaching to continue to build his business and to assist others who want to build a property business or to simply build a one off house for themselves. His business essentially has three divisions: Property Development and Investment, Property Networking and Property Training.

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