March, 2016

Matt Brown

Matt Brown – MB Productions Ltd

Date: 2 March 2016
Time: 7.45am for 8am start
Venue: The Scores Hotel, St Andrews

When Matt was growing up he was always told that if you didn’t make a million by the time you were 25 you never would! So Matt did better than that he made a million and lost 2 and a half before he was 23!

Matt’s background is in video production, he started his first business when he was 17 and built it up from just himself to a staff of 95 within 3 years. He had major private investment, 2 bars, a venue in the centre of Edinburgh 2 art galleries and a production company.

And in the 6th year of his entrepreneurial endeavours Matt was nearly bankrupt and had to start again.

Since then Matt has filmed in over 50 countries, some examples of his work are filming with the MOD following emergency medivac soldiers out of Afghanistan, chemical tank cleaning in the outback of Australia, spending literally weeks with the top comedians across the world – being stuck at the top of a 200ft crane in the middle of the Sahara to name but a few.

He has won a Scottish Bafta and numerous other awards and nominations and he’s only been shot at twice.

But most importantly he has re-built a production company and is doing what he loves and that to make films. He wants to share some of his stories, some of the successful things he did and also explain why everyone in the world should be using video!

St Andrews Business Club