St Andrews Business Club Students

St Andrews Business Club Students is a new way to give students at the University of St Andrews an opportunity to learn and network to prepare them for post-university business life as well as pre-graduation entrepreneurship and work experience/internships.

About Us

Linked to St Andrews Business Club, the premier place to meet and learn for business in North-East Fife since 1950, our main objectives are:

  • Promoting innovative business ideas & good business practice
  • Giving students the opportunity to network with local business owners and organisations
  • Consideration of matters affecting the business and professional interests of students

Like the main club, we organise a range of informal educational events on useful topics for a modest fee.
This initiative will be a great learning opportunity for students and business owners alike while giving budding entrepreneurs a chance to share business ideas, find internship opportunities, part-time work etc.

All students are warmly invited to our events. We look forward to seeing you there!

What we do

We organise a range of informal educational events on topics to help you when you start your career, all for just a small membership fee.
It’s a great way of learning for your future career and meeting like-minded students in an informal and friendly atmosphere.
So why not come to an event and decide if you’d like to join the club!

Membership benefits

  • Access to high-quality expert business talks & workshops
  • Connect with professional business people
  • Develop your CV and show an active interest in business
  • Be a part of a 70-year-old business club with more than 130 members
  • Network with like-minded students
  • Receive a copy of speakers’ presentation for events you attend (if they agree to share)
  • Have the opportunity to find internship possibilities
  • Attendee list for events you attended
  • Opportunity to write a blog for our website each year
  • Access to shared events with the University Entrepreneurs Society

Join our club

Register your interest in joining the club via this Google Form.



Why should I join the Student Club?

Membership gives access to networking opportunities with local business owners/ organisations, allowing you to find internship or part-time job opportunities near or within North-East Fife.

How often are events held?

The club intends to host at least one event each month. Go to our Student Events page for details.

How much is it to attend an event?

The amount will vary. Most student events will be free for members of the student club. However, student members will be charged a minimum of £3 for events held in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Society and a fee for events held at the Old Course Hotel in collaboration with the parent club.

Where are events held?

Student club events will mainly be held within town.

Parent club events are mainly held at the Old Course Hotel. See its Events page for details.

How can I join St Andrews Business Club Students?

During the startup phase you should register your interest via this Google Form.

Does Student Membership give access to parent club Membership Benefits?

No – you have to join the parent club using it’s discounted membership for full-time students here

What’s the GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy?

Our policy is the same as the parent club. You can read it here.

Contact Us

During the startup phase you should contact us by messaging the student club Facebook Page.


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