November, 2018

INTERNSHIP VACANCY – Marketing Communications Intern

St Andrews Business Club is looking to appoint a new Marketing Communications Intern.

While this is not a paid position, any out-of-pocket expenses incurred on Club duties will be reimbursed and the successful candidate will have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:





–  Create Facebook Event for each Club event (using approved text and photos supplied by main Comms person/Event speaker contact) – about 10 minutes per event before start of season, which runs September to June.
Some already created will require updating once details decided. Picture will be supplied at right spec to fit perfectly. Intern could create in photo editing software if they’d prefer to have that learning experience.

Schedule Facebook Business page posts to promote each event – 20 minutes every 3-4 weeks through the season.

Schedule daily Facebook posts once a week – 1.5 hours per week. Involves curating posts by Club members and speakers as well as creating a weekly #MemberMonday post. Links can be supplied. Tuition and content strategy will be supplied. Opportunity for intern to devise creative original content that drives more engagement.

Optional – ‘Social listening’ – checking Facebook notifications daily for any comments to the page which require a reply and responding accordingly or flag to Club Comms person. 10 minutes maximum per day.

Optional – Creating and adding content to a Facebook Album for each event – uploading images (supplied unless intern wishes to learn event photography too) as well as linking it to the event report on the Club website. 30 minutes per event.


–  Schedule tweets in Hootsuitehttps://hootsuite.comto promote each event using Eventbrite link and photos supplied by main Comms person/Event speaker contact. Intern will create their own free Hootsuite account and relevant permissions will be granted to schedule Club tweets. Training will be provided. 30 minutes per event, every 3-4 weeks during the season.

Scheduling two tweets to share the link to the Facebook Album and 4 of the photos from it after each event, which finish 9am, 2pm, and 7.30pm. 15 minutes per event every two weeks during the season.

Schedule a weekly #MemberMonday post – best done a month at a time – 10 minutes for each as involves taking a screengrab of their website and using that as the photo. Also searching for their social accounts to tag – so they get a notification and share it. 4 a month, year-round. Intern would be requested but not required to do this during their holidays.

Optional – Retweet Members tweets and ones by Local and Fife groups we have friendly links with and have created Twitter Lists for – once a day, 1pm for 10 minutes [N.B. Timing important for maximising views].

Optional – ‘Social listening’ – checking Twitter notifications daily for any comments which require a reply and responding accordingly or flagging to Club Comms person. Best done in Tweetdeck via web browser (free). Expert tuition on its use will be provided. 10 minutes maximum per day.


Attending Committee meetings – one every 2 months in the evening 5.30-7pm.




See above, but once season launched total typically at least two hours every two weeks. Actual weekly hours will depend on how much successful candidate wants to learn and take responsibility for.

Will be more during period building up to season launch, but hours for that can be agreed with successful candidate.


The start date and length of the internship will be agreed with the successful candidate.


The intern will be supervised and trained directly by the Committee member with primary responsibility for Club communications (currently the Vice-President, Alan S. Morrison) but also by other members of the Committee when attending events and Committee meetings.


Application should be made by email to with:

A shortlist of candidates will be selected for brief interview in St Andrews w/b 28/1/19.

CLOSING DATE: Sunday 13/1/19, 23:59

 QUERIES: Any queries about this role should be emailed to the President, Alan S. Morrison, on

Want to know more about what this internship is like? Here’s a blog by our first Marketing Communications Intern, Comora Love-Mitchell.

Life as the St Andrews Business Club Marketing Communications Intern

Comora Love-Mitchell, the Club’s first Marketing Communications intern.

Hello everyone, this is my first blog post for St Andrews Business Club.


I’m currently in my final year at the University of St Andrews and I can’t believe how quickly 4th Year has come. I now truly understand the phrase ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’

Interning with the Club has been a whirlwind. I have learned a tremendous amount from the Club, but also from my mentor and current Club President Alan S. Morrison.

As this post is about my time as the Marketing Communications Intern, I’ll now give you a glimpse into what it’s been like since the start of my internship.

This time last year I was looking for work experience to busy myself during the term in my field of choice – marketing. When the job posting for this internship popped up in my email from the Careers Center in November I’m be the first to admit it came at the worst possible time – I was stressed out with deadlines and nearing revision studying. When do great opportunities come when it’s convenient?


Fast forward through the interview process and subsequent acceptance, I dived head first into my responsibilities, which is exactly how I’d want it.

Comora talking to Flora Selwyn, Editor of St Andrews in Focus, at her first event.

I attended my first Club event – a tour of The Old Course Hotel – in December 2017 (pictured right). This was my first interaction with Alan since my interview as well as my first meeting with the rest of the 2017/2018 Committee. Everyone was extremely kind and ready to talk. It was a perfect beginning.

Another huge part of our early meetings was giving me insight into the goals of the Club for the year.

I not only learned about the Club and the businesses they supported, but also about businesses in general, different strategies implemented by them, and business models. Some of these included the Disney Strategy for creative ideation, Agency Problem, Stakeholder Map and 80/20 Rule just to name a few.

After the holidays, Alan and I met up to commence my training. Hitting the ground running, we outlined the areas I was really interested in learning about and what I wanted to get from this experience. We agreed to first focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Alan sat with me in Starbucks for two hours once a week to train me on the ins and outs of social media and marketing tips of the trade.


My duties for the Club most heavily focuses on creating posts for the #MemberMonday meme as well as weekly Member posts that feature different Members, which is one of the perks of Membership with St Andrews Business Club.

I learned what times different posts should be scheduled at to receive maximum views and clicks and also general ‘How Tos’ for scheduling and formatting posts in Hootsuite and Facebook.

As time went on I gained more and more responsibility as I became comfortable with my position and learned about the industry. I was given the opportunity to draft copy for press releases and compile the Club’s monthly KPI reports for the Committee. At events, I helped to set up before the start of each event, sign in all of the Members and place out badges so it was easier for everyone to interact in the networking environment.

I’ve valued this experience because it has allowed me to expand on my past experiences with marketing communications as well as to learn new things and be given the opportunity to explore areas of interest I have within the marketing realm.

Everyone has been more than happy to answer any questions or concerns I have had and this internship has equipped me with the tools I need to be successful in whatever field I choose to go forward in because of the fundamentals the Club has given me.

I cannot recommend this internship and this club enough to people who are unsure if they want to get involved.

SGM + William Dowson, Bank of England

William Dowson, Bank of England Agent for Scotland, shared the Bank of England views on the current economic climate, interest rates and the business environment, as well as explaining his role and talking questions at the event held by St Andrews Business Club at The Old Course Hotel. Pic: ASM Media & PR

In our latest business learning event at the Old Course Hotel, William Dowson, Bank of England Agent for Scotland, shared the Bank’s views on the current economic climate, interest rates and the business environment as well as explaining his role and talking questions.

Thanks to him for sharing his time and expertise.

Mr Dowson became Agent for Scotland in 2010. He joined the Bank in 1995 and was a Senior Manager in the Bank’s Foreign Exchange Division before joining the Agency Network.

He has held a range of analyst and management positions in the Banking, Financial Stability and Markets areas at the Bank.

William has a BSc in Business Studies and an MSc in Finance, both from the University of London.

NEXT EVENT: The Club’s next event is December 12: Members & Guests-only Festive Social at V&A Dundee.

Member News – Startup powers its way to order from European giant

Peter Waggott, Managing Director of Powercases (Scotland) Ltd, (right) shows David Robertson, Technology Solutions Manager at Staples Solutions, how the Powercases Universal Charger works at the Indigo Hotel, Dundee.

A Scottish startup selling cutting edge off-grid power products has landed a substantial five-figure order from Staples Solutions UK as its first deal.


Dundee-based Powercases (Scotland) Ltd is the European arm of the Canadian Powercases brand which since 2012 has created state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion rechargeable power packs and cases for devices such as phones and laptops as well as jump-starters for cars, motorcycles and boats.

The startup, headed by sales coach Peter Waggott – a Member of St Andrews Business Club, recently closed its first deal – a distributor agreement and substantial five-figure order for three products with Staples Solutions UK, the leading provider of workplace products, services and solutions to businesses in the UK and Europe.

Powercases expects the relationship to grow into a seven-figure revenue stream over the next 12 months.

Powercases is in advanced talks with Kia and Subaru Canada to offer its range of products via dealerships there. It’s looking to do the same in the UK.

Management training

Peter Waggott’s sales and management coaching company, Vertical Motives, will also offer sales and management training to Staples customers. Earlier this year his two-day sales workshop became the first in the UK to be accredited by a university as Recognised Prior Learning when the University of Aberdeen allowed completion of it to be used by prospective online MBA candidates as part of their application.

Powercases (Scotland) Ltd is currently looking to secure office space in Dundee to base itself and conduct training at.

Peter Waggott was approached by Powercases to open its European arm because he worked for four years from 2010 with its Co-owner and Managing Partner, Taylor Angus, at Wakefield Castrol Canada Inc.

Speaking about the deal, Peter Waggott said: “We’re naturally delighted our first European customer is the region’s biggest supplier of workplace products, services and solutions.

“In today’s work environment having power on demand to stay connected is crucial. Powercases products allow people to stay connected wherever they are. It’s great to have this iconic office supplies chain recognise the superiority of our products in meeting this need with this initial order.

“We’re also looking to work with other trusted brands and expect to be in a position to announce agreements with major names in their sectors in the coming months.”

David Robertson, Technology Solutions Manager at Staples Solutions, said; “The Staples and Powercases partnership provides a great opportunity to introduce innovative charging solutions to Staples UK business and consumer customers.”

For more about Powercases, go to

Business Breakfast – Effective negotiation skills

Andrew B. Brown gave a well-attended workshop in effective negotiation skills in the event held by St Andrews Business Club at The Old Course Hotel.

In our latest business learning event, Chief Inspector (retired) Andrew B. Brown gave a workshop in effective negotiation skills.


An internationally-renowned negotiator with specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with kidnap for ransom and hostage/crisis incidents, Andrew’s interactive mini-workshop deconstructed the negotiation process to allow participants to understand active listening skills and how, when they are skillfully applied empathically, they can give strength to persuasion that ultimately influences behavioural change and successful negotiation.

For more information about this subject, you can visit Andrew’s LinkedIn page.

For more photos, go to the Album on our Facebook page.

 NEXT EVENT: The Club’s next event is November 21 – when William Dowson, Agent for Scotland at the Bank of England, will talk about the economy.

Bank of England official to answer questions in St Andrews

Business people can ask questions about the economy of a Bank of England official at a St Andrews Business Club event on November 21.

William Dowson, the Bank of England’s Agent for Scotland, will talk about the current economic climate, interest rates and the business environment, before answering questions in the event to be held at the Old Course Hotel from 6.15pm.

Mr Dowson joined the Bank in 1995 and was a Senior Manager in the Bank’s Foreign Exchange Division before joining the Agency Network. He became Agent for Scotland in 2010.

He has held a range of analyst and management positions in the Banking, Financial Stability and Markets areas at the Bank.

Anyone wanting to attend the event, which will be held under the Chatham House Rule – under which what’s said can be reported but not attributed to the speaker – is asked to book via Eventbrite.

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