Business Breakfast – Reverse Engineer A Successful Business Exit

April 3, 2019

Ewan Menzies, Director of Castle Strategy, Mount Parnassus, Concord and CTA Global shared useful tips and advice to plan a successful exit strategy for your business and improve its performance at the Business Breakfast event held by St Andrews Business Club at The Old Course Hotel.

By Sanaa Sachdev   

In our fourth event of the year, Ewan Menzies, Director of Castle Strategy, Mount Parnassus, Concord Systems and CTA Global, shared valuable tips and advice to help members plan a successful business exit.  


They included: 

  • Setting the right goals for your business 
  • Making small changes to get big results 
  • Identifying the value drivers in your business 

Ewan involved the attendees with a ‘solve the maze’ activity to demonstrate how working backwards from a desired goal can be easier than beginning at the start and some thought-provoking real-life examples to improve the outcomes in business.  

Thanks to Ewan for sharing his experience and knowledge with us.  

Thanks to the Members, Guests and Visitors who attended the event. 

For more information about Mount Parnassus, go to its website  

For more photos, go to the Album on our Facebook page.   

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